Collab #1: Loyal Love with Ilona

I had this collaborative blog post with this very talented and genuine blogger Ilona. She's really talented and has a genuine and unfiltered perspective on life. Check out her blog here Ilona's Perspective: Loyalty in love is primordial. You have to devote yourself to the partner and he/her should do the same. Lies and secret aren’t … Continue reading Collab #1: Loyal Love with Ilona


Bermuda Triangle: Mystery Solved?

The mystery of the Bermuda triangle is undoubtedly the most controversial event of the decade. The word “Bermuda Triangle” has ascended from being a natural calamity into a figure of speech. It’s where our answers are when we write our exams, isn’t it? A mystery hole from where nothing can be retrieved. The Bermuda Triangle … Continue reading Bermuda Triangle: Mystery Solved?

Perspective #2: Why Belief Beats Strategy

Ever read those interviews of actors, entrepreneurs or anyone popular over the internet? And have you noticed how much they emphasize belief and hard work? Why don’t they talk about strategy? A strategy is probably the most commonly used method by any organization to attain any monetary income. Why does it never seem to make … Continue reading Perspective #2: Why Belief Beats Strategy

How many Earths Do We Need If Everybody Lives Like You?

As far back as history and human knowledge take us, the Earth has always been a continuous and reliable source of renewable resources for our basic needs and amenities. The amount of time it takes to renew the resources that the humans have used in a year should logically be within the same year. This makes … Continue reading How many Earths Do We Need If Everybody Lives Like You?

Can Poverty Ever Be Eradicated?

Since the last decade, the world has seen massive technological advances, economic growth and socio-economic development. With all these positives stacked towards human growth, there is a significant amount of negative stimuli that still lingers around poverty and growth of those communities. These stimuli seem to develop more and more as many charities and non-governmental … Continue reading Can Poverty Ever Be Eradicated?